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Pouring Red Wine

Consistency is the key to a sucessful operation

Your service must consistently be prompt and courteous. The food and beverages must be consistently prepared. The atmosphere must be consistently appealing and relaxing. The ambiance, the cleanliness and the consistency of a Restaurant Cocktail lounge is a direct reflection of its ownership and management. We know you can't be there all the time so GSI Services is here to provide you with a detailed report covering all aspects, both good and bad, of your operation.

Bartender Serving

GSI Quality Control Audit

A GSI Quality Control audit brings well trained agents into your operation. Our agents will submit a narrative report to include, but not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Employees observed to be performing their jobs in such a fine manner as to promote a notable, favorable image of your operation
  2. Employees observed acting in a manner which conveys an unfavorable image to the public
  3. Employees who are lax, or unusually slow in the performance of their duties
  4. Employees who are offensive in grooming, attire or language
  5. Observations of any unusual cash handling
  6. Any violations of your policies or procedures
  7. The cleanliness and overall condition of your facilities and concessions

Your staff might act differently when they know their boss is watching. It could take months as a manager to properly observe your staff for health and safety code violations. GSI provides your with reports in as little as 72 hours. We help you keep your establishment at peak efficiency, long before a bad situation becomes worse.

In addition to the above shopping points, periodic tests can be made by GSI agents to test the honesty of your employees. These tests can also show how quickly and efficiently your employees react to given situations and emergencies.

GSI agents are prepared to testify in any hearing or legal proceding as to what they observed and reported.



Handling Cash

Keep your profit losses in check.

In any bar or restaurant, consistency is key. Customers will come back time and again when they are sure they will get great tasting food, drinks that taste the same and a waitstaff that provides consistently good service. Simple errors such as overpouring can result in thousands of dollars in profit loss over time. Our staff will provide you with detailed reports indicating specific incidences of ID checking, overpouring, undercharging, slow service, violations of health and safety codes, and anything else that would cause your establishment to lose profits.

Your profit is our business. GSI offers a range of services in addition to the Loss Prevention & Quality Control. We can observe your retail employees,parking attendants, cleaning staff - we can even inspect your entire operation.